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Market Report October 27th 2021


Fresh market update: Wednesday 27th October - Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Market News

Produce Update

The new season harvest of stone fruit is gaining momentum. Early varieties of peaches and nectarines are already hitting the shelves and as we move closer to summer, expect large-sized fruit with more juice content!

Packed with folate, blushing beetroot is in plentiful supply. Select small to medium-sized bunches with fresh green leaves. You can roast whole beets or add raw slices to salads.

Brimming with beneficial antioxidants and vitamin C, sweet and succulent papaya is a delicious Australian-grown tropical fruit! A squeeze of fresh lime juice enhances ultra-healthy papaya’s nutritious flesh. Both Yellow and Red Papaya are avaliable now!

Eggplant is a versatile Mediterranean vegetable that is easy to prepare. No need for salt; slice, brush with olive oil and grill until tender. Add cooked eggplant slices to pizza topping, sandwiches and antipasto

This week’s hero is the juicy Kensington Pride mango from the Northern Territory. A medium-sized yellow to orange fruit tinged with a pink blush, the Kensington Pride mango has a sweet and tangy flavour with rich, juicy, and succulent flesh. Nothing beats a cold mango on a hot day! The tropical smell is a good indication that a mango is ready to eat, but be sure to look for firm, ripe fruit that gives slightly to the touch. Store unripe mangoes at room temperature, but not in direct sunlight. Once they’re ripe, you store them in your fridge crisper for up to three days.

Simply Tasty News

Simply Tasty

Yesterday was International Pasta Day but why just limit pasta to one day?!

Here at Simply Tasty we have a variety of pasta dishes to satisfy all pasta lovers!

We’re feeling like it’s a Garlic Prawn Fettuccine kind of day.
What’s your pasta fave?⁠

Weekly Specials

Available until November 2nd, 2021.

Produce Price


$1.80 each

Cucumber Lebanese

$2.50 per kg

Truss Tomatoes

$20.00 per tray


$0.80 each


$1.90 per bch

Online ordering now available. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of this report, prices and supply can change due to market fluctuations and availability.