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Market Report July 21 2021


Fresh market update: Wednesday 21 of July - Tuesday 27th July 2021

Market News

If chilly days and frosty nights have you yearning for heart-warming meals packed with flavour and enriched with healthy goodness then now is the perfect time with winter vegetables at their peak!

Produce Update

Iceberg Lettuce

This week we've seen a jump in price on Iceberg Lettuces, poor growing conditions, gaps between growing areas and large amounts of rain have impacted farms and their supplies. With not many icebergs around please be mindful that we may have to reduce your order of lettuces to ensure we have enough for all orders or as an alternative we do offer 2.5kg bags of shredded lettuce and midi cos lettuce. We thank you for your cooperation.


Apart from being delicious and versatile, apples are incredibly good for your health. In-season and available in many varieties from red, green and in between – such as the Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Royal Gala, and Fuji – apples make great snacks on their own, or can be just as versatile in desserts like scrolls, pies or upside-down cakes.

String Beans

Beans are a great addition to any meal this winter. Perfect for adding as a side dish to roasts, adding into stir frys or chop them up and cook into pies or casseroles. Look for beans that are bright green and free of black spots and blemishes. The beans should not be flimsy. Fresh green beans should be refrigerated in a plastic bag and used within one week. Beans are on special this week for just $3.00 per kg so grab some today!


Sweet eating pineapples are versatile in both sweet and savoury dishes. Choose firm fruit which feels heavy for its size. Pineapple does not ripen after harvesting so avoid unripened fruit. A pleasant aromatic fragrance indicates a good flavour.


This week’s top pick are Leeks! Many people are unfamiliar with cooking leeks, but they belong to the onion family and can be treated as a sophisticated version of an onion. Look for medium-sized, white-stemmed crisp leeks with bright green tops and store in the fridge loosely wrapped for up to a week. To cook, simply chop off the dark green stems and the bottom root. Hang on to those for stocks and broth though – they’re packed with flavour. Leeks have a mild, slightly sweet onion flavour that is wonderful in winter soups, omelettes, tarts, and pies. Pair leeks with ingredients like cheese, eggs, garlic, potato, mushrooms, and chicken.

Simply Tasty News

Simply Tasty

Our Wandering Dragon Noodles will be your new best friend this winter.

A wonderful mix of chicken, prawns and capsicum in a rich Chinese sauce, this ready-made meal makes for the perfect speedy, mid-week dinner.

Head to our website to view the full range and pop into your local IGA or Foodworks to try one out today!

wandering dragon noodles

Weekly Specials

Available until Tuesday July 27th, 2021.

Produce Price

Jap Pumpkin

$0.95 per kg


$2.75 per kg

5kg Washed Potatoes

$2.75 per kg

Green Beans

$3.00 per kg

Online ordering now available. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of this report, prices and supply can change due to market fluctuations and availability.