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Market Report June 25th 2019

The Winter produce season is well underway with excellent supply of fruit and vegetables.

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Fresh market update: Wednesday 26th June - Tuesday 2nd July 2019

Winter 2019

With this very cold start to winter, we mentioned last week it is starting to take effect on some products but there is also some products that are thriving.

After experiencing drought conditions at the start of the year, we are now seeing an abundance of HASS avocado’s around the market. With fruit coming in from the Northern Queensland areas and Western Australia. Great time to have smashed avocado on any menu.

New season Kiwi fruit from New Zealand has commenced so please keep in mind the fruit will be hard so we recommend to leave out to ripen a little. Also available is the gold variety which is yellow inside and has a sweet tropical flavour.

All our leafy greens are starting to struggle with the cold snap and frosty mornings we are experiencing. The main problem will be the shelf life so we recommend trying to buy enough to last the day and purchase fresh daily. Salad mix, Spinach, Rocket and Cos leaves are the most affected.

We are now starting to see a continued supply of Queensland fruit in the market after a bit of a slow start to their season. Fruit is getting sweeter as we progress through their season. Best value this week is the medium sized fruit. Raspberries and new season Blueberries from Coffs Harbour are holding their price, but still well worth purchasing.


Here at JL KING & CO, we not only offer the freshest fruit and vegetable daily from the Melbourne market, we can also offer many different processed lines for your convenience from our own local factory. Including a ready made stir fry mix, soup mix and coleslaw to our peeled vegetables, Potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and onions. Just a reminder that they all need to be pre-ordered the morning before.


WITLOF is a bitter relative of endive, radicchio and artichoke. Victorian grown red and yellow varieties with crisp, tightly packed leaves with fresh tips are the best product to be looking for. It can be eaten raw in salads, braised with lemon and white wine, or baked as a gratin. Witlof doesn't like the light, so best to be stored in a paper bag in the crisper for up to 3 days. Well worth giving them a try to make any dish more colourful.