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Market Report June 17th 2020


Fresh market update: Wednesday 17th - Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

Product Report

This week we will recap on a few seasonal changes and give an update on our most popular produce.

USA Produce

Over the last few weeks we have started to witness the arrival of USA produce into the market. Mangoes from Mexico and Cherries from California arrived earlier in the year. Now we have access to both Yellow and White Peaches and White Nectarines. Prices are currently high due to air freight but these fruits are definitely well worth starting to think about.


Our local farm, Butlers Market Gardens has informed us that at this time of year their herbs bunches are slightly smaller than usual as the winter weather starts to take effect of their crops. With many varieties now coming out of Queensland. They have assured us that the quality will still be the best in the market. Also affected at this time of year is locally grown Spring Onions, we may have to switch over to Queensland grown produce if local supply continues to deteriorate in both size and quality.


Limes are going through a gap between Dimbulah growing areas and other North Queensland regions. Also, as Mandarin and Lemons are in there peak season of picking and packing, this normally leaves packing sheds to leave limes to last, resulting in prices to rise as the delayed packing leaves the market short of fruit.

Low Supply

Micro Herbs, Micro Salads and Edible Flowers are in very low supply at the moment as a result of COVID 19 restrictions. When the hospitality industry was shut down in early March, the major growers simply ceased planting product. However, the situation will rectify itself over the coming weeks as more products continue to be harvested.

Weather Affected Produce

Affected Produce

You may have noticed over the past couple of weeks, there have been some products that we have not been able to get. This is mainly due to the colder than expected start to the Queensland growing season. Green Beans, Sweet Corn, Zucchini and Button Squash are the products most affected. Although we are expecting this to improve over the next couple of weeks.

This Week's Top Pick!

Product Origin

At JL King & Co. we endeavour to select and supply the best quality fruit and vegetable for our customers, regardless of produce origin within Australia. During change of season, we experience a change-over period where a lot of products typically sourced from one part of the country are now forced to be sourced from another part. Over the coming weeks we will work to highlight a number of these changes.

This week here are some of the products coming out of:


- Potatoes

- Capsicums

- Carrots

- Cucumbers

- Swedes

- Turnips

- Onions

- Mandarins

- Lemons

- Oranges

- Mushrooms

- Parsnips

Weekly Specials

Available until Tuesday June 23rd, 2020.

Produce Price


$2.40 each

Grey Pumpkin


Green Capsicum


1kg Onions p.p

$1.50 each

3kg Orange Nets

$3.25 each

Online ordering now available. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of this report, prices and supply can change due to market fluctuations and availability.