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Market Report July 22nd 2020

Beetroot 2

Fresh market update: Wednesday 22nd - Tuesday 28th of July 2020

COVID-19 Update

Just an update with recent events these past few weeks, everything at JL King & Co is business as usual.

The border closures across the country is not affecting the Melbourne fruit and vegetable market or any produce that is coming from the states attached to these closures. We are also still able to deliver to our customers across the border in New South Wales.

Produce Update

This week we will update you on produce price, great value produce and new season fruits and vegetables.


Asparagus: prices are high as there are only low volumes of stock coming into Australia. All asparagus is imported at this time of the year.

Lebanese Cucumbers: have seen a price rise as cold weather has slowed growth.

Continental Cucumbers: are on the rise as cool conditions begin to slow growth. Size will be affected.

Queensland Strawberries: have been affected by unusually cold Queensland weather this time of year and has slowed growth; as a result, small fruit is a little short this week.


Pumpkin: quality superb. Choose from Jap, Butternut and Grey. New season from Queensland has started.

Green Capsicums: an abundance of green capsicums has seen prices the best so far, quality is also excellent.

Lemons: zesty, juicy lemons are so versatile. All Australian produce and locally grown is now available.

Wombok: you cannot go past Chinese cabbage. This humble vegetable is versatile, nutritious and flavoursome. Great value.

Brussel Sprouts: beautiful Victorian grown sprouts from Adam's Farms have only 4 weeks until their season finish.

Pears: from Shepparton, Victoria are sweet, juicy and flavoursome. Choose from Williams, Packham, Corella and Bosc (Brown).

Australian Red Grapes: coming to the end of the season. Bagged grapes are finished, leaving only loose to purchase.

Asian Greens: such as Bok Choi, Choi Sum, Shang hi and Chinese Broccoli are quick to cook and super versatile. Sizes are smaller due to the colder months but are still a great option to add into any delicious stir-fry!


Sweet Potato: excellent supplies of Queensland grown orange sweet potato. Extremely nutritious and a fantastic source of Vitamins A and C.

Leeks: prized for their soft, oniony flavour and lovely aroma, leeks are now at their peak.

Jerusalem Artichokes: have an interesting nutty flavour and texture similar to a potato. Ideal four soups and winter salads, they are also delightful roasted. Always roast better with the skin on.

Broccoli: one of the most nutritious of all vegetables, broccoli is packed with iron, potassium and vitamin c. Quality currently outstanding!

Chillies: warm up your winter cooking with feisty chillies. Freshly picked from Bundaberg and Bowen in Queensland, chillies are plentiful. The mild long red chillies are ideal for adding a gentle kick or if you want to spice it up try the green Jalapeno variety.

Celeriac: beautiful and in season now. Definitely should not be judged by their appearance.

Cavolo Nero: is a member of the cabbage family and is also known as Tuscan Cabbage. Currently plentiful and quality to match.

In Season and New Season!

Tangelos: sweet and tangy Minneola Tangelos are bell shaped citrus and have a vibrant orange rind. Fruit can range in size from mandarin size to as big as an orange. In season now and first class.

Mandarins: both Imperial and Afourer varieties available.

Blueberries: Australia's love of sweet, healthy blueberries continues to grow. In 2019 over 17,000 tonnes of fresh blueberries were grown in Australia. The local season has now commenced.

Kiwi Fruit: is now in season and both the traditional green flesh variety and the gold variety are available. Super rich in Vitamin C.

Quinces: once a symbol of love and commitment, quince are an ancient fruit that requires long slow cooking. Quinces can be stewed, baked, poached or transformed into a wonderful paste. However, the end of the season is near.

Blood Oranges: are now available. The quality of the first pick fruit is outstanding. Caracara navels are also available. These beautiful oranges are like regular navels; but unlike your run-of-the-mill navels, Caracara's flavour is more complex. They are extremely sweet with a tinge of raspberry and a hint of cherry and rose.

Nectarines and Peaches: from the USA are now available. The fruit is excellent, however expect to pay around $19.99 per kilo.

Broad Beans: the first of Queensland broad beans have hit the market. Quality is exceptional; however, supply is un-reliable, and prices are high.

Something Different!

Baby Veggies: there has been a great supply of both Golden and Target Baby Beetroot as well as, Purple, White and Orange Dutch Carrots direct from our local supplier Riviera Farms.

Weekly Specials

Available until Tuesday July 28th, 2020.

Produce Price

Sweet Potato

1.30 per kg

1kg p.p Onions

$1.40 each

Green Capsicums

$2.50 per kg

Red and Green Kale

$2.50 each

5kg Washed Potatoes

$3.00 each

Online ordering now available. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of this report, prices and supply can change due to market fluctuations and availability.