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Market Report July 15th 2020

Green Beans

Fresh market update: Wednesday 15th - Tuesday 21st of July 2020

COVID-19 Update

Just an update with recent events these past few weeks, everything at JL King & Co is business as usual.

The border closures across the country is not affecting the Melbourne fruit and vegetable market or any produce that is coming from the states attached to these closures. We are also still able to deliver to our customers across the border in New South Wales.

Product Report

This week we will give you an overview of what is happening with different produce in the market place.


The time for Strawberry lovers is now as Queensland fruit is at its prime. Perfect weather has seen crops thrive with fruit looking plump, bright red and very sweet. Please note that small fruit is a little limited.

Another line that is fantastic value is Blueberries from Coffs Harbour. On the other hand, Raspberries from Bundaberg are a little light, meaning prices are quite firm.

Local Pomegranates

As our local Pomegranate season comes to a close, fruit is beginning to look old and weathered, however it is still tasting sharp and fresh. Pomegranates are celebrated for their clusters of ruby red arils (usually called seeds) packed full of vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants. We predict that this local fruit will be available for a few more weeks before we begin sourcing our produce from America in early September.


Limes, our favourite citrus fruits have increased in price over the last couple of weeks. This rise is mainly due to farmers making Mandarins a priority in Queensland packing sheds as Mandarin season only lasts a limited number of months per year. There is also a lack of seconds Lime fruit around, leaving only premium fruit to purchase.

In Season!

Blood Orange

The Blood Orange is a variety of Orange with crimson, almost blood coloured flesh. The distinctive dark flesh colour is due to the presence of anthocyanin, a family of polyphenol pigments common to many flowers and fruits, but uncommon in citrus fruits. Chrysanthemum is the main compound found in red oranges. This line is expected to be around for the next few months.

Weather Affected!

Celery, Bok Choi and Shanghai

Are the vegetables that are most affected with the recent cold snap experienced on our farms in the Mornington Peninsula growing regions. With prices slightly higher and bunches much smaller than usual. With a more favourable block of weather coming up this will help crops to get back to there normal sizing

Product of the Week!

Green Beans

Are grown in the state of Queensland from Gympie to North Queensland. We know green veggies are good for us, but the green bean really packs a punch with protein and vitamin A, B1 and B2. Beans are also incredibly versatile and also adds crunch and sweetness whether blanched in salads, in a side dish or stir fried in an Asian dish.

Weekly Specials

Available until Tuesday July 21th, 2020.

Produce Price

Green Beans



$1.60 each


$2.40 each

5kg Bushed Potatoes

$1.80 each

Online ordering now available. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of this report, prices and supply can change due to market fluctuations and availability.