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Market Report January 15th 2020

Two tomatoes

Fresh market update: Wednesday 15th - 21st January 2020

On behalf of everyone at JL King & Co. we are deeply saddened by the current events that have been happening across our beautiful Country.

Our thoughts go out to all the volunteers, families and businesses affected by this national tragedy.

Here's a recap of some produce that is going to be tough to source over the next couple of weeks for a variety reasons:


The major growing area for Beans this time of year is from the Gippsland region which has been affected due to lack of water and now bush fires affecting this area over the past couple of weeks resulting in short supply so we are seeing pricing at an extreme high.


New Zealand does not have the volume of fruit to make up for the short fall of Western Australian fruit that is struggling with transport to get to the markets because of the recent bush fires.


Local season is now completely finished. We move to produce from Mexico (USA) but it isn’t quite ready so there is going to be a slight gap in supply. Availability is going to be very much hit and miss over the next few weeks.


With a forced planting gap eight weeks ago we are now seeing the effects of this causing a short supply this week. Lucky this is only expected to last a week or two before full supply starts again.

Here's an update on our new available produce:

Finger Limes

This week we have seen a more consistent supply of Finger Limes from far North Queensland. Both red and green varieties are available for the next few months. These little beauties are great to add tangy wild lime flavour to your favourite desserts, cocktails or even in your seafood dishes. Available in punnets or 1kg bags, please note these will need to be pre-ordered the day before delivery.


We are now in a position where we have Queensland and locally grown Mildura fruit to choose from. With the extreme heat in Mildura last week some fruit has been damaged which has affected early season supply.

Sauce Tomatoes

Great news for people that love to make their own home made sauces. Our local tomato grower from Gillistone has started supplying us with tomatoes perfect for starting to make tomato sauce, chutneys and bolognese sauces.

Weekly Specials

Available until Tuesday January 21st, 2020.

Produce Price


$1.20 each

Cherry Tomatoes

$1.60 per pun


$2.00 each

Potatoes Washed 2.5kg

$2.40 per bag

Sauce Tomatoes 10kg box

$7.50 per box

Online ordering now available. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of this report, prices and supply can change due to market fluctuations and availability.