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Market Report April 29th 2020


Fresh market update: Wednesday 29th - Tuesday 5th of May 2020

Product Report

This week we will recap on a few products that are changing over in seasons or growing regions.


Due to cooler growing conditions and nearing the end of the Victorian growing season, we are starting to see Strawberry pricing rise. We should start to see Queensland grown fruit around the middle of May.

Raspberries and Blueberries

Raspberries have started to feel the effects of the cooler nights. Fruit has become very scarce.

Local blueberry season has finished and now will be replaced with fruit from New Zealand.


Shepard Avocados will now start to be replaced with the Hass variety coming out of Queensland. As it is the start of their season, prices will be higher, but quality of fruit will be first class.

Beans and Corn

Great growing conditions has seen both products ease in price over the last week. Stock is now coming out of the South East of Queensland.


Cups, Buttons and Flats are on the up and slightly short due to one of the biggest farms having contamination issues.

Snow Peas

Have jumped up in price as our local Victorian season is quickly coming to an end. We are now relying on new season stock coming out of Queensland.


With this cold snap across Victoria our herbs are struggling to grow. Expect bunch sizes to be smaller and pricing to rise as demand for herbs continue.


Prices have eased dramatically over the past few weeks with more volume of fruit available mainly due to the schools remaining closed due to COVID-19.


Due to a low Australian dollar and trouble finding a supplier to import the produce out of Mexico, availability has become a little tight.

Weekly Specials

Available until Tuesday April 28th, 2020.

Produce Price

Sweet Potato


Red Capsicum


Spring Onion

$1.00 each

Seedless Watermelon


5kg Desiree Chats p/p

$3.40 each

Online ordering now available. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of this report, prices and supply can change due to market fluctuations and availability.